3B Filters Inc. was established in January 2001.

Its parent is
Demco Products, Inc. which was
founded in 1950. Demco Products is production and
precision machining. With a 15,000 sq. ft. facility
and 30 CNC machines, Demco has a history of
performing engineering, design work, and
manufacturing for customers in the areas of scuba
diving equipment, medical oxygen supply,
emergency breathing equipment and pneumatic
cylinder equipment to name a few.

Beginning in 1978, Demco Products manufactured
and sold a line of high pressure filter housings to
other filter companies. This product line consisted
of mini in-lines, in-lines and large T-types made
from aluminum and stainless steel as well as a wide
array of exotic metals. This product line was sold to
the aerospace, petroleum and chemical processing
industries as well as many others.

In the late 1990’s, Demco made the decision to
manufacture, sell and distribute its own line of high
pressure filter housings under the 3B name.

In 2016, 3B Filters received their Certified Quality
Systems - ISO 9001:200
15 certification from QAS

3B Filters was proud to welcome their 30th CNC
machine in early 2017.
Robert J. Dempster Sr.
Founder of Demco
Products & 3B Filters
3 Generations of Family
Owned and Run Business
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