High Pressure Regulators

Many applications within fluid power require precision flow controls or instrumentation to operate efficiently. High pressure regulators ensure the proper flow and pressure of gas is being supplied to the system to operate at its designed specification. High pressure regulators, because of their precision Inline Filters measuring characteristics, rely on clean gas to perform at their labeled specification. Installing a 3B Filter provides a protective barrier to capture debris and particulate from entering the HP regulator preventing pressure spikes or sporadic delivery of gas. Including a filter upstream of your HP regulator ensures a steady flow of gas throughout your system. If you or your customers use high pressure regulators, reach out to 3B Filters for your high pressure filter to protect your regulator.


  • Pressure Reducing Regulators
  • Backpressure Regulators
  • Manifolds/Changeover Regulators
  • Electropneumatic Controllers
  • On/Off Shutoff Valves
  • Instrumentation Valves


  • High pressure test banks
  • Welding gas cylinders
  • Test stand booster pumps
  • Pilot lines for shut down valves
  • Natural gas odorizing-Mercaptan application
  • Hyperbaric Chambers