Oil & Gas Value Streams

Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas market comprises of three main sectors Upstream, Midstream, and the Downstream. Each of these segments encompass various processes that deliver petroleum and other byproducts to the marketplace. From exploration to distribution petroleum provides support to goods or services we utilize every day. The oil and gas industry, an integral cog in the wheel to the global economy, provides a variety of products required to function daily. The oil and gas industry is key to providing the world with refined products in support of manufactured goods or the fuel to provide services.


The three sectors of the oil and gas market require complex systems to processes and deliver petroleum to its next phase in the value stream. Whether it be a Remote Operated Vehicle to perform subsea functions or delivering Propane to a railcar to its next destination, filters can be used throughout. Installing quality 3B filters, ensures the integrity and longevity of the valves, pumps, and sophisticated instruments operate smoothly and accurately within your system. The oil and gas market encompasses many applications, if your application is not listed below, contact us to right size a filter for your system.
  • Dispensing equipment
  • Pressurization reduction skids
  • Cryogenic gas processing
  • Motor generator sets
  • ROV Filtration
  • Rental equipment
  • Flow regulators and valves
  • Emergency Shut Down Valves (ESDV)
  • Polymerizing reactions
  • Cryogenic cooling