Industrial Markets

Fluid Power Systems

Industrial markets cover a lot of applications. Nearly everything you see in the world today requires some form of fluid power to perform some type of work. Whether you are moving heavy materials in a factory or pumping polymer through a molding machine, fluid power is integral to the society around us. Fluid power systems can be either simple or complex. No matter the system intricacies, a filter should always be present. Filters serve a vital role in the longevity of your system. Filters protect your system from damage against contamination in forms of grit, aerosols, and debris. Installing a filter into your system prolongs the life of the working fluid, extends the life of your machinery, and its components. Adding a filter to your system ensures your system operates at peak performance while decreasing machine down time.


3B Filters are of a versatile design, in that these filters do not target one specific application like other manufacturers. In fact, both t-types and inlines are customer preference. Virtually all applications can utilize either configuration and selection is based on system designer preference. 3B Filters are often used in the most common hydraulic applications to the most viscous automated adhesive dispensers. If you don’t see your application below, contact us to right size a filter for your application.
  • High Pressure Regulators
  • Liquid Applied Sound Dampening dispensers
  • CBD Extraction and Tolling
  • Manure and Fertilizer Spreading
  • Booster Pump Filters
  • Filter Cart and Panel Replacements
  • Multi-Circuit Hydraulic Power Units
  • Refrigeration and Cooling Systems
  • Gas and Liquid Test Benches
  • Membrane Pre-filtration
  • I & E equipment
  • Welding Gas