3B Filters supplies high pressure filters to global markets spanning industrial, oil & gas, aerospace, and government organizations. Through the use of quality bar materials, 3B’s products are manufactured to endure the harshest of environments. Manufacturing high pressure stainless steel filters for more than 20 years, 3B Filters has the experience and relationships with distributors, original equipment manufacturers, engineers, and technicians throughout multiple industries. To specify a filter to better serve you, please send an inquiry by clicking “Contact Us” and provide details about your application.



  • Filters for hydraulic and gaseous applications.

  • Kidney loop filters

  • Suction filters

  • Return line filters

  • Spin on filters for filter carts

  • Refrigeration and cryogenic filters

  • Service hydraulics

  • Last chance filters


Oil and Gas

  • Chemical injection units

  • Well head control panels

  • ROV filters

  • Debutanizer columns

  • CNG filling stations

  • Refining and sampling filters

  • Coalescing elements



  • Ground support filters

  • Fueling cart and pump filters

  •  Nitrogen carts

  • Liquid Oxygen filters

  • Mobile hydraulic filters



  •  Research and development contracts

  • DLA/DIBBs qualified CAGE manufacturer

  • Oxygen breathing equipment

  • Marine and land forces equipment

  • Government micro purchases