Alternative Fuels

Filters for Alternative Fuels

An alternative fuel is a fuel derived from sources other than petroleum. Biodiesel, Electricity, Ethanol, Hydrogen, Natural Gas and Propane are a few of the most popular fuels available within the marketplace. More companies have pledged to reduce their carbon emissions by converting their fleet support vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Propane. Auto manufacturers have also found benefit in hydrogen fuel cells. By switching to CNG or Hydrogen you will reduce emissions and benefit from a cleaner more efficient engine. While the fuel itself maybe cleaner, the process to supply your fleet from the source passes expansion and compression stations. It’s crucial to protect equipment along the way from particulate and debris. 3B Filters offers particulate and coalescing filters in various sizes and configurations.


With the growing demand for CNG, LNG, propane, and hydrogen fuels it is important to include the right filter for the system to collect particulate or grit. Compressors, filling lines, and pressurization reduction or “let down” skids are all prone to micronic particulate carried downstream from other systems. These fine particles can hinder a system decreasing efficiency or shutting down completely. Whether you are coalescing hydrocarbons or collecting particulate, 3B Filters has a variety of filtration options to choose from. If you don’t see your application below, contact us to right size a filter for your application.
  • Dispensing equipment
  • Pressurization reduction skids
  • Cryogenic gas processing
  • Motor generator sets
  • Compression equipment
  • Virtual pipelines
  • Fleet vehicle fuel filters
  • Propane refining