Stainless Steel Spin On Filters

Spin on filters are perfect for general all-purpose low-pressure filtration applications. The standard filter head is available in cast aluminum with an option to substitute for a specially treated stainless steel head with the 9000 series. The 316 stainless steel head is ideal for corrosive and harsh environments such as ocean oil platforms. The material holds up against salt water and other austere environments. Customers can enhance the product with a visual indicator, electrical indicator, bypass valve, and a variety of gage port configurations. This is a drop-in replacement for any mobile hydraulic or offshore platform application.


  • Filter Carts
  • Filter panels
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Off highway equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Water absorption
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Return line filters
  • Gridding machines
  • Power transmissions